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Gig Info:

Date: 13 Nov 1992
Country: United States
City: Orlando
Venue: Edge Concert Field, The

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Rollins Band
  • Cypress Hill

During this concert, portions of the Beastie Boys’ performance of So What’cha Want was filmed and mixed together with footage from other tour stops to create the finished product which appeared on the Sabotage Home Video. Although the video clips were mixed from several sources, the audio track of “So What’cha Want” came entirely from this show.
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Incomplete Show Appears on:
  Sabotage DVD : US [PA-97-574-D]
  Sabotage LD : US [PA-97-574]
  Sabotage VCD : UK [PMCD 4913412]
  Sabotage VID : AU [15102]
  Sabotage VID : FR [MVP 4913413]
  Sabotage VID : UK [MC2146] BACK