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Date: 16 Sep 1992
Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Venue: Budokan


A live version of "Gratitude" was released on the Finger Lickin' Good Promo 12" and Gratitude singles that was listed as coming from this concert and starts with a live freestyle by MC Boo. Footage from the show has since emerged and the freestyle was actually taken from the Time to Get Ill intro.
"Gratitude" was not actually performed in the main set, though it is possible it was played as an encore.
 01. Slow And Low
 02. Shake Your Rump
 03. Finger Lickin' Good
 04. Shake Your Rump
 05. Posse In Effect
 06. AWOL
 07. Posse In Effect
 08. Egg Man
 09. Stand Together
 10. Pow
 11. Egg Raid On Mojo
 12. Time for Livin'
 13. In 3's
 14. Michelle's Farm
 15. Jimmy James
 16. The Sounds of Science
 17. Hold It Now, Hit It!
 18. Pass the Mic
 19. MC Boo freestyle
 20. Time To Get Ill
 21. Shadrach
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Incomplete Show Appears on:
  Demos And Outtakes Part 2 CD : IT [PD128] (Bootleg)
  Finger Lickin' Good 12" : US [SPRO 79559 / 79565] (Promo)
  Gratitude 12" : US [Y 0777 7 15951 6 5]
  Gratitude CD5 : US [C2 0777 7 15944 2 7]
  Gratitude CD5 : US [DPRO-79558] (Promo) BACK