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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 4 Apr 1992

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Hollywood Paladium

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Primus
  • Fishbone
  • Rollins Band
  • Porno for Pyros
  • Michael Cooper
  • Vlade Divac


An AIDS benefit gig for Act Up-Los Angeles and the Magic Johnson Foundation

This was the first show for Porno for Pyros.
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Fan Review by Brad Cody:
Vlade Divac was actually stage diving during the Beastie Boys performance. Adrock was doing flips off the stage in the crowd. It was insane.

The Hollywood Reporter
April 6, 1992

Beastie Boys, Pyros
The Palladium
Saturday, April 4

By Marc Pollack

The organizers' intention was to raise money for the Magic Johnson Foundation and Act Up LA, the newly formed needle exchange program in the Los Angeles area. And while the bands who played were chosen for their diversity and their interest in educating the public on AIDS issues, the organizers also managed to attract the hottest bands on the scene -- a dream bill headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and featuring the Rollins Band, Primus, Fishbone, the Beastie Boys and Porno for Pyros, a band put together by Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell.

Expectations for Farrell's return were so high a letdown seemed inevitable. Taking into consideration that this show was a benefit with limited stage time and the fact that Porn for Pyros have only been together for about a month, Farrell might be excused for heading in a direction that seems vague at best.

Porno for Pyros represents an unnatural progression for the Jane's Addiction ringleader. Instead, Farrell has gone out on a limb to develop a new, spacey sound. Performing only a few tunes, Porn for Pyros doesn't groove with the same electricity his former band did. The sound is formless and moody, with none of the structured complexity nor the infectiousness of Jane's Addiction's best work. The band also features ex-Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, whose playing in Porno for Pyros is severely toned down.

One thing grew more and more certain as Farell's band played on -- Jane's Addiction guitarist and bass player Dave Navarro and Eric Avery, respectively, had a lot more to do with that band's style and sound than they previously had been credited for. It's still too early to tell whether Porno for Pyros will be as vital as Jane's Addiction was.

In their first show since their last benefit appearance (April 18, 1991, at the Palladium), the Beastie Boys offered a glimpse at the band's future -- and a delightful one it was. Perhaps the most underrated rap band in history, the Beastie Boys proved that they are not one-hit wonders. The Beasties are legitimate musicians, continually striving to reinvent their sound.

For the first time, the Beasties performed with instruments. The three rappers' new tunes -- a hybrid mix of rap and punk that will likely be the focus of its upcoming Capitol Records release -- showed the band's new direction with vigor. And for the older fans, the band did rave-up versions of "Shake Your Rump" and "Shadrach" from the Paul's Boutique LP as well as "Paul Revere" and the title track from License to Ill.

The Rollins Band was by far the heaviest on the bill. Led by the irrepressible Henry Rollins (former Black Flag frontman), it blasted through a 40-minute set, stopping only for some of Rollins' words of wisdom. Rollins is a barrel of aggression, lurching, screaming and contorting like no other -- it is truly a sight to see.

Fishbone's set leaned a little to heavily on the band's song catalog. Although taking no chances, Fishbone still served to work up the crowd with its impeccable instincts for live performance.

Primus also turned in an impressive set, albeit at tad too long. Les Claypool's frantic bass playing can still hold one's attention.

Headliners for the evening and the most eagerly awaited band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers did not disappoint. The band ripped through such tunes as the upbeat "Suck My Kiss," the moody "Under the Bridge" and "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." But it was its funked-up version of Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic" that proved to be the most riveting.

April 4, 1992

Chili Peppers Headlining AIDS Benefit

An AIDS benefit concert, paying tribute to Magic Johnson, will be staged Saturday (April 4) at the Hollywood Palladium, headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who once recorded a song named after the basketball great. At the show, staged by Goldenvoice Productions, former Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell will debut his new band, Porno For Pyros. Also expected: Fishbone, Primus, the Beastie Boys, and the Rollins Band. Tickets are priced at $35, and $75 for a special balcony package that includes a catered dinner and a program, donated by A&M Records, featuring original artwork by the bands on the bill. Proceeds go to the Magic Johnson Foundation and ACT-UP Los Angeles.