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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 30 May 1987

Country: England
City: Liverpool
Venue: Royal Court Theatre


This concert ended in a riot.
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The New York Times, June 2, 1987:
LIVERPOOL -- A member of the Beastie Boys was arrested and charged with assault Sunday in connection with a melee that abruptly ended the final concert of the New York rock group's British tour, the police said.
Four fans were injured and five arrested Saturday night following the incident at the Royal Court Theater here. The police said they were called by the theater manager after bottles and other objects were thrown in the auditorium, packed with 3,000 fans. The Beastie Boys, who stopped their performance after just 10 minutes because of the violence, have played to sell-out crowds across the country on the eight-concert tour.
On Sunday, band member Adam Horovitz was arrested in London and taken to Liverpool for questioning about "an alleged minor incident" related to the melee, a police spokesman said. He was charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm, but the police would not give details of the incident that led to the charges. The police said two men and two women were treated at the Royal Liverpool Hospital for minor head and facial injuries and released. Five fans were charged with public-order offenses and released on bail.
The independent London Broadcasting Corporation said the audience chanted, "We tamed the Beasties" as the group left the stage.

News on Sunday, June 7, 1987:
We were disgusted by the crowd of so-called 'fans' at the Beastie Boys gig in Liverpool. We were at the front and everything the press said about the Beasties starting trouble is lies. It was the crowd who were to blame. The majority of trouble-makers were football hooligan types.
- Sue & Sharon

Newspaper clipping taken from Licensed To Ill Tour Picture Book, 1987:
Beastie Boys Adam Horowitz is not beastly according to his proud father. New York playwright Israel Horowitz said yesterday the world has been given a false message about his son.
Mr Horowitz was in court yesterday when his son was accused of causing grievous bodily harm to a girl fan.
The singer held overnight in police cells, travelled to the court in handcuffs and complained they were too tight and hurting his wrists.
Magistrates in Liverpool refused a prosecution request for the surrender of Horowitz's passport and granted him £10,000 bail until July 21.
This allows him to join the group in Japan to continue their world tour.
Horowitz, 20, was arrested on Saturday after a concert in Liverpool. The prosecution claimed he hurled a beer can into the audience, hitting 18 year old Joanne Marie Clark in the face. Her nose was cut and her face bruised, and she as having hospital tests yesterday for a suspected fractured cheekbone.
The singer's lawyer said the charge would be strenuously denied. He said he had asked the father if the singer's image was inaccurate. The lawyer said "He replied in words only a playwright could find: "That is one of the greatest understatements of Western Man"'.

The People, May 31, 1987:
A gig by the infamous Beastie Boys turned into a full scale riot last night.
The group's roadies waded into the audience with baseball bats, there was claims a gun was brandished and spoilt-brat American group was forced to abandon their concert and flee the stage under a hail of missiles and a torrent of abuse.
Tear gas canisters exploded among the 2,000 strong capacity crowd, police ringed the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool and ambulances queued to take away the casualties.
One fan said: "The Beastie Boys got more than they bargained for". The three-man group, who have left a trail of havoc across Europe, had been on stage for less than 15 minutes when trouble broke out. Fans who had paid £6 a ticket, claimed the Beasties started the riot by hurling beer cans into the crowd.
Another fan said: "Everything they threw at us was thrown back - and a lot more besides. In the end the roadies got so mad they jumped off stage and waded into the audience with baseball bats. They were hitting out and didn't seem to mind who got hurt. One of them also seemed to be brandishing a gun, but I don't know if it was real of a replica. They acted like the spoilt little brats they are made out to be. But they picked the wrong place to start aggro. They ran offstage like a bunch of wimps."

Newspaper clipping taken from Licensed To Ill Tour Picture Book, 1987:
The concert at the city's Royal Court Theatre ended in chaos and a hail of cans. Horovitz (sic) and the two other members of the group fled the stage after just 10 minutes of the show. Five fans were injured in the crush. There were five arrests. The band were whisked away in a coach to jeers of "We tamed the Beastie Boys". Outside the theatre, police faced a barrage of bottles and beer cans form the stampeding crowd.