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Performance Date: 13 May 1987

Country: Switzerland
City: Montreux


Montreux Pop/Rock Festival
Not Available
Newspaper clipping taken from Licensed To Ill Tour Picture Book, 1987:
...the leading London hotels last night put out the 'not welcome' signs before the foul-mouthed millionaire group head there for dates on Saturday and Sunday.
The Hilton said: "They are not coming here because they would cause a disturbance and upset our guests"
In the Montreux mayhem they wrecked the bar of one hotel there and threw beer at the guests in another.
In Hamburg, they daubed the walls of their hotel with human excrement.
And in Paris a theatre refused to have them back after they started a riot.
The Beasties' band manager, Russell Simmonds said "Sure we're nasty - we're exactly what American teenagers have been for the past thirty years. But we never harm anyone. We sing about drugs but we never take them. But we DO drink beer - lots of beer."
Bruno Blancard, manager of Paris' prestigious Le Grand Rax Theatre said "I will never ever have them here again. Everything was fine until they began to use bad language. Most of the audience had left when one of the band swore at the ones who were left. They were so incensed they ran outside and smashed up the windows of the Beastie Boys' tour couch".

Newspaper clipping taken from Licensed To Ill Tour Picture Book, 1987:
American pop shockers the Beastie Boys take a break from creating mayhem to try their hand at making music. They appear in the The Montreux Rock Festival Preview (BBC-1) despite calls for a ban on their performance. A BBC Spokesperson said "They behaved themselves at our rehearsals and a performance is a performance. I'm afraid the problems they were supposed to have were exaggerated and we had absolutely no discussions about whether or not to include them" Other more acceptable faces of pop in tonight's programme will be Wang Chung, Duran Duran, Nick Kamen, A-Ha and Genesis.