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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 10 Apr 1987

Country: United States
City: Syracuse, NY
Venue: Onondaga County War Memorial

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Public Enemy
  • Murphy's Law

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Spokane Chronicle, April 9, 1987
Beastie Boys Will Be Boys - It's Their Constitutional Right:

Officials are asking the Beastie Boys rock group to temper their stage show when they play in Syracuse, N.Y., this weekend. The trio has the nation's most popular rock album, Licensed to Ill, and its stage show includes a giant inflatable phallic symbol and scantily clad women dancing in cages.

"We are insisting that the inflatable phallus not be shown," said Norman Rothchild, director of the Onondaga County War Memorial, where the group is to perform Friday. He also said the county is asking for a written promise from the band and promoter that the group will not perform lewd or sexually explicit acts.

Attorney Philip Miller of the county legal department said Tuesday that the promotors, Monarch Entertainment, agreed to prohibit nudity and destruction of public property but had not reached agreement on other aspects of the show. Ren Grevatt, a publicist with Monarch said the promoter will not sign any promises "and I am sure the Beastie Boys won't. They will probably say it is against their constitutional rights of free speech."

Syracuse Herald-Journal, June 15, 1987:
In April 1987, then Onondaga County executive John Mulroy threatened to ban the Beastie Boys from the War Memorial. The boy's show featured a giant hydraulic penis rising from beneath the stage and scantily clad girls from local colleges dancing in cages. It was later determined that the county could not legally stop the show.