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Date: 8 Feb 1987
Country: United States
City: San Diego, CA
Venue: University of California–San Diego Gymnasium

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Fishbone
  • Murphy's Law


Cancelled - Licensed to Ill Tour

According to an article published in the St. Petersburg Times by David Okamoto on February 24, 1987, the University of California-San Diego cancelled the scheduled February 8 concert when it heard rumors that the Beastie Boys destroyed their dressing rooms and sprayed beer on their audience.
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Los Angeles Times
February 4, 1987

By Thomas K. Arnold
The Beastie Boys' sold-out show Sunday at the 2,200-seat UC San Diego Gymnasium has been canceled because of concerns over potential violence.

Reports that the white-rap band from New Jersey trashed hotel rooms, incited audiences to fight with security men and hurled beer cans into the crowd during its four previous U.S. tour dates prompted the decision, said Linda Stack, adviser to the pop events committee of the school's University Events Office.

"Because of all the damage they had done on their first couple of tour dates, we talked with the promoter last Friday and let him know that he should let the band know that if they continued this type of behavior, we wouldn't go ahead with the show," Stack said. "Over the weekend, however, more violence occurred when the band played in Washington (state), so on Monday we canceled the concert. People all around the country have been saying that the band is totally irresponsible in regard to their actions on stage, and since the gym is the only place on campus that we can use for shows, we didn't want to risk all our future shows on this single date."

Promoter Kenny Weissberg of Southland Concerts said he initially tried to find an alternative site for the show, which sold out 10 days in advance, but there was none available.

"Six days' notice just isn't enough," Weissberg said, adding that he doesn't agree with Stack's decision to cancel the concert. "This is La Jolla, not Seattle, Wash.," Weissberg said. "And I don't think you can assume just because problems happened in one place they're going to happen in another.

"We were willing to double or even triple our security if that's what it took to ensure a safe show, but the school apparently felt there was still a good chance there would be damage and injuries if the show went on."

Refunds are available where the tickets were bought, he said.