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Gig Info:
Date: 6 Jun 1985
Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Venue: Radio City Music Hall

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Madonna


Opening act for Madonna's The Virgin Tour
Not Available
Melody Maker, June 22, 1985
By David Fricke:

...Compare that limp spectacle with opening act The Beastie Boys, three foul mouth white rap punks, who pack in more X-rated giggles in their 20-minute spot with just a few toilet jokes, a rediculous dance called the Jerry Lewis and two turntables spinning crunchy heavy metal rhythm tracks.

Tiger Beat, September 1985
By Eddie Rivera:

...9:10 p.m. The lights dim. That's all it takes. The cheering is tremendous and when the opening act, The Beastie Boys take the stage, the cheering STOPS. Composed of three suburban white ex-hardcore punkers turned rappers. The Beasties aren't here apparently to be liked. "Hey New York!", shouts Rick Rubin, leader, "Make some mother f--king noise!!!" Obviously The Beastie Boys don't take prisoners. Their set is an exhilaratingly hostile collection of garbled rap tunes and verbal abuse heaped on the audience.

After a while, the response from the audience and The Boys' increasing anger became quite frankly, hilarious. I believe it was Wild Man Fischer, one time protege of Frank Zappa who once said "We're not trying to be perfect, right boys?" You got it Wild one.