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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 29 May 1985

Country: United States
City: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: Spectrum, The

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Madonna


Opening act for Madonna's The Virgin Tour
Not Available
Excerpt from The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 30, 1985
By Ken Tucker:

...Preceeding Madonna was her own personal selection for the opening act position, the Beastie Boys. This New York quartet seems initially like a novelty act: white boys making rap music.

But very quickly, it became apparent the the Beastie Boys are aiming for an interesting synthesis of rock and rap, hard-core punk and soft-core rhythm & blues. A Beastie Boys song like "Rock Hard" was much harsher and more aggressive than Madonna's audience may have bargained on, but it's not difficult to hear what appealed to her in this smart, abrasive act.

Excerpt from The Philadelphia Daily News, May 30, 1985:
...The concert opened with a rowdy performance by the Beastie Boys, a punky group from New York that has set out to prove that white guys can also pull off rap 'n' scratch music. They didn't win many converts.

Excerpt from the Daily News, May 31, 1985
By David Hinckley:

...The only unfortunate thing is her opening act, the Beastie Boys. With all the black rappers who developed the form, are truly good at it and would fight and die for this kind of exposure, it's a shame to toss it away on a group whose stage act seems largely based on the amazing revelation that teenagers giggle at four-letter words.