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Date: 26 May 1985
Country: United States
City: Detroit, MI
Venue: St. Andrews Hall


An after-show party starting at 9 pm following the Madonna concert
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Detroit Free Press, May 24, 1985
By Gary Graff:

The Beastie Boys, a New York-based rap group who will perform with Madonna Saturday and Sunday at Cobo Arena. The shows are sold out. They will also play an after-show party at 9pm Sunday night at St. Andrews Hall, 431 E Congress. Call 962-7280 anytime.

Michael (Mike D) Diamond, 19: "We were a hardcore punk band before this, and then we did that record 'Cookie Puss' two years ago. We had a desire to perform that kind of material live - we were getting a black audience, they were playing it in clubs. But we couldn't play 'Cookie Puss' live. The only thing we could do like it was rapping, and we've liked rap music pretty much from day one.

I miss (playing an instrument) a little bit, I do still play drums for other groups. And in the studio we all play our own instruments, which makes us different from other rap groups.

For right now, what makes us significant is we're a white rap group, and we're performing for this audience that's never seen people like us."

Adam (King Ad-Rock) Horovitz, 18: "(The crowds) are certainly responding. We get a response from everybody. They like us or hate us, but we're never a dull night. We knew Madonna from the city. We still talk all the time. We had done a record, 'Rock Hard', and we were getting lazy in the city. We wanted to go on tour, so we got in touch with Madonna. We asked her and she asked us kind of at the same time. We don't go out of our way for anybody but ourselves. We basically do what we want. We have a following. They'll follow us to the top - that's where we're going. I don't know what's next. We'll see what happens. We'll record an album this summer. And we might be doing a movie called "Rap Attack" with Run-D.M.C. and possibly Sean Penn."