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Artist: The Young And The Useless
Date: 7 Oct 1982
Country: United States
City: Boston, MA
Venue: Channel, The

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The Young And The Useless started a minor riot by telling the crowd they were only there to kiss Johnny Rotten's ass. The crowd then pulled the drum set off the stage!

These performances were recorded on 8mm by artist John Schabel. A short portion of his footage can been seen briefly in the 'Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun' music video at the 2 minute 10 second mark. What you are seeing is the Young and the Useless appearing on WZBC for an interview with Peter Connolly.
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The New Suburban Relapse (Issue #8) - Craig Snyder and Caryn Hirsch:
The opening act tonight was the Young and Useless, an early-teen New York foursome which includes the son of the guy from ROIR cassettes. Big Deal, right? They gave an anarchic, antagonistic, insultive performance doing a variety of mashed-up covers and originals like "Kill PIL". Hardcore/Pistols/Lydon proteges? They gave an encore regardless of audience opinion and returned once more, without instruments, for an encore which consisted of total verbal abuse.

Rick Jacobson:
I do remember that, on the Thursday night show, John Lydon seemed more than usually unhappy, crouching and staring out into the crowd who were dressed as punks and spitting on the stage. He called them all posers and looked disgusted by the lot of them. But on the Saturday all-ages show, with the kids just there to have a good time, John looked so much happier, even smiling, and saying how much more he was enjoying this show than the other one. About The Young and The Useless, I remember Adam Horovitz on guitar with a ton of energy leading the band, and the singer, Dave, with the skinny mohawk, who seemed really, really young. I think they faced a tougher crowd on Thursday night, but got more applause from the kids on Saturday afternoon. They made enough of an impression that I went out and bought their record. BACK