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Date Country City Venue Reviews Setlist Images Notes
4 Feb 1997 Japan Osaka Club Quattro     Quasar
3 Feb 1997 Japan Tokyo Liquid Room     Quasar
31 Jan 1997 Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Liquid Room   Grand Royal Night - Quasar
26 Jan 1997 Australia Sydney Manning Bar   Quasar
24 Jan 1997 Australia Sydney Harbour Cruise   Quasar
23 Jan 1997 Australia Newcastle Cambridge Hotel     Quasar
18 Apr 1996 United States Pomona, CA Glass House, The       Quasar
13 Apr 1996 United States Lake Tahoe Sierra Ski Resort     Boarding for Breast Cancer Benefit
12 Apr 1996 United States South Lake Tahoe, CA Darin Spinelli's Home     Quasar
11 Apr 1996 United States Sacramento, CA Grind, The   Quasar
10 Apr 1996 United States San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill Club   Quasar
8 Apr 1996 United States Los Angeles, CA Palace, The     Clean Needles Now Benefit
22 Nov 1995 United States New York, NY Coney Island High     Quasar BACK