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Date Country City Venue Reviews Setlist Images Notes
28 Jun 2007 Belgium Werchter     Rock Werchter Festival
11 Dec 2004 Belgium Brussels Forest National   Pageant Tour
1 May 1999 Belgium Brussels Forest National   In the Round Tour
30 Aug 1998 Belgium Kiewit-Hasselt Kempische Steenweg   Pukkelpop Festival
5 Jul 1998 Belgium Werchter   Werchter Rock Festival
4 Jul 1998 Belgium Torhout   Torhout/Werchter Festival
19 Feb 1995 Belgium Deinze Brielpoort       Polar Fleece Tour
5 Dec 1994 Belgium Deinze Brielpoort     Cancelled
15 Jun 1994 Belgium Brussels La Luna    
29 Aug 1992 Belgium Kiewit-Hasselt     Pukkelpop Festival
21 Jun 1992 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique  
20 May 1987 Belgium Genk Limburghal BACK