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Intergalactic 10" : UK (Acetate) "Prisoners Of Technology Vocal Mix"
Information: Intergalactic 10" : UK (Acetate) "Prisoners Of Technology Vocal Mix"Media:
Format: 10" Vinyl Acetate Single
Country: England
Catalogue No.: -
Year: 1998
Label: Music House
 1. Intergalactic (Prisoners of Technology Vocal Mix)
Notes: The B-Side has another track by the Prisoners Of Technology called "Robot Wars".
Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), was quoted in NME as saying: "The Prisoners of Technology's first remix of 'Intergalactic' is excellent, but I managed to end up with the only copy of it because the Beastie Boys nixed it. They didn't like it. It's brilliant - the speed is doubled up, it's a really pokey drum'n'bass mix - but what they did is speed the Beastie Boys vocals up slightly and, as I found out later when I remixed the next one, the Beastie Boys are a bit precious about that. And so they released an instrumental version on the 12" instead, because they didn't want the vocal version released. But they made one test acetate of it, and the people from the record company very kindly gave it to me, so I have the only copy in existence. It's great, because whenever I play it around the world everyone just kind of freaks out when they hear it. It's such a shame because it's my second favourite track this year, and it didn't even get released."