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The Negotiation Limerick File 12" : US [S 42508] (Bootleg) "DJ Design Remixes"
The Sounds Of Science 2CD : US [CDP 7243 8 26332 2 8] "Custom Made"
Information: The Negotiation Limerick File 12" : US [S 42508] (Bootleg) "DJ Design Remixes"Media:
Format: 12" Vinyl Bootleg Single
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: S 42508
Year: 2000
Label: Unknown
 1. The Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Remix)
 2. The Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Acappella Remix)
 3. The Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Instrumental Remix)
 4. The Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Acappella Remix)
Notes: Limited to only 60 copies pressed, the DJ Design remix was only ever available elsewhere by download. Every download of the song through helped support the Kosovo Relief efforts by giving $1 to the CARE and MADRE charities.

Information: The Sounds Of Science 2CD : US [CDP 7243 8 26332 2 8] "Custom Made"Media:
Format: 2x CD5 in 2x Jewel Cases
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: CDP 7243 8 26332 2 8
Year: 1999
Label: / Grand Royal / Capitol
 1. 3-Minute Rule
 2. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
 3. Ask for Janice
 4. Car Thief
 5. Egg Man
 6. Hey Ladies
 7. High Plains Drifter
 8. Johnny Ryall
 9. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
 10. Shadrach
 11. The Sounds of Science
 12. To All the Girls
 13. What Comes Around
 14. 59 Chrystie Street
 15. Get on the Mic
 16. Stop That Train
 17. A Year and a Day
 18. Hello Brooklyn
 19. Dropping Names
 20. Lay It on Me
 21. Mike on the Mic
 22. AWOL
 23. The Biz vs. the Nuge
 24. The Blue Nun
 25. Finger Lickin' Good
 26. Funky Boss
 27. Gratitude
 28. Groove Holmes
 29. In 3's
 30. Jimmy James
 31. Lighten Up
 32. Live at PJ's
 33. The Maestro
 34. Mark on the Bus
 35. Namaste
 36. Pass The Mic
 37. Pow
 38. Professor Booty
 39. So What'cha Want
 40. Something's Got to Give
 41. Stand Together
 42. Time for Livin'
 43. Alright Hear This
 44. B-Boys Makin' with the Freak Freak
 45. Bobo on the Corner
 46. Bodhisattva Vow
 47. Do It
 48. Eugene's Lament
 49. Flute Loop
 50. Futterman's Rule
 51. Get It Together
 52. Heart Attack Man
 53. Ricky's Theme
 54. Root Down
 55. Sabotage
 56. Sabrosa
 57. The Scoop
 58. Shambala
 59. Sure Shot
 60. Tough Guy
 61. Transitions
 62. The Update
 63. Beastie Boys
 64. Beastie Revolution
 65. Bonus Batter
 66. Cookie Puss
 67. Egg Raid on Mojo
 68. Holy Snappers
 69. Jimi
 70. Michelle's Farm
 71. Ode to...
 72. Riot Fight
 73. Transit Cop
 74. Transit Cop (Demo)
 75. Believe Me
 76. Brand New
 77. I Can't Think Straight
 78. I Want Some
 79. Nervous Assistant
 80. Square Wave in Unison
 81. You Catch a Bad One
 82. And Me
 83. Body Movin'
 84. Dedication
 85. Dr. Lee PhD
 86. Electrify
 87. Flowin' Prose
 88. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')
 89. I Don't Know
 90. Intergalactic
 91. Instant Death
 92. Just a Test
 93. The Move
 94. The Negotiation Limerick File
 95. Picture This
 96. Putting Shame in Your Game
 97. Remote Control
 98. Sneakin' Out the Hospital
 99. Song for Junior
 100. Song for the Man
 101. Super Disco Breakin'
 102. Three MC's and One DJ
 103. Unite
 104. Alive
 105. Benny & the Jets
 106. Country Mike's Theme
 107. Dub the Mic
 108. Netty's Girl
 109. Railroad Blues
 110. Shake Your Rump
 111. Soba Violence
 112. Live Wire
 113. Son of Neckbone
 114. Twenty Questions
 115. Drunken Praying Mantis Style
 116. Pass The Mic (Pt.2, Skills To Pay The Bills)
 117. Groove Holmes (Live vs. the Biz)
 118. Skills to Pay the Bills
 119. So What'cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)
 120. So What'cha Want (Butt Naked Version)
 121. So What'cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
 122. Boomin' Granny
 123. Drinkin' Wine
 124. Jimmy James (Original Original Version)
 125. Jimmy James (Single Version)
 126. Mullet Head
 127. Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
 128. Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)
 129. The Vibes
 130. Sure Shot (Large Professor Instrumental)
 131. Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix Instrumental)
 132. Intergalactic (Instrumental)
 133. Intergalactic (Strawberry Bath and Jelly Souls Instrumental Version)
 134. Body Movin' (Acappella)
 135. Body Movin' (Instrumental)
 136. Dr. Lee PhD (Dub Mix)
 137. Finger Lickin' Good (Government Cheese Remix)
 138. Gratitude (Live)
 139. Honky Rink
 140. Stand Together (Live)
 141. Dope Little Song
 142. Resolution Time
 143. Get It Together (A.B.A. Instrumental)
 144. Get It Together (A.B.A. Remix)
 145. Get It Together (Buck Wild Remix)
 146. Get It Together (Instrumental)
 147. The Vibes (Version 2)
 148. Four Fly Guys
 149. Stick 'Em Up
 150. Flute Loop (Live)
 151. Heart Attack Man (Live)
 152. The Maestro (Live)
 153. Root Down (Free Zone Mix)
 154. Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)
 155. Sabrosa (Live)
 156. Something's Got to Give (Live)
 157. Time For Livin' (Live)
 158. Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix)
 159. Light My Fire
 160. Hail Sagan (Special K)
 161. Intergalactic (Fuzzy Logic Remix)
 162. Intergalactic (Prisoners of Technology / TMS 1 Re-mix)
 163. Body Movin' (Kut Masta Kurt Remix Instrumental)
 164. Body Movin' (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)
 165. Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)
 166. Body Movin' (Movin' in Kent [Vocal] Mix)
 167. Peanut Butter & Jelly
 168. Body Movin' (Shawn J. Period Remix)
 169. The Negotiation Limerick File (Acappella Wet)
 170. Putting Shame in Your Game (Prunes RMX 2)
 171. The Negotiation Limerick File (The 41 Small Star Remix)
 172. The Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Remix)
 173. The Negotiation Limerick File (Extended Mario C Mix)
 174. The Negotiation Limerick File (Handsome Boy Modeling School Makeover)
 175. The Negotiation Limerick File (Ganja Kru Remix)
 176. Putting Shame in Your Game (Prunes Remix)
 177. Three MC's and One DJ (Live Video Version)
 178. Nothing to Say
Notes: If you didn't like the selection of tracks on the standard Anthology set, allowed you to select 40 tracks from a list of 178 and create your own 2CD set online. The second option for ordering your own custom set was via a mail order form. Whichever option you chose, the total number of tracks available were the same, but the sequence varied based on the differences between how tracks were alphabetized online versus the order form. None of the tracks prior to 1989’s Paul’s Boutique were available. Shake Your Rump was left off of the tracks available from Paul’s Boutique but included in the tracks available for Sounds Of Science. Tracks 14 through 22 were offered for purchase only as a suite including all 9 tracks under the name B-Boy Bouillabaisse. Cookie Puss (Censored Version), and (Egg Raid On Mojo (Demo) were not available from Some Old Bullshit. Deal With It was left off of the Aglio E Olio release. The order form had an error which listed Body Movin’ (Movin’ In Kent Mix) (Micky Finn & Special K) as two separate tracks.