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Cheap Cologne Vs The Beastie Boys CD : US (Bootleg #2)
Information: Cheap Cologne Vs The Beastie Boys CD : US (Bootleg #2)Media:
Format: CD in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.:
Year: 2005
Label: Dirt Poor Records
 1. Ch-Check It of the Bay (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 2. Hold It Now, Hit It (Mash-Up)
 3. So What'cha Want (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 4. Pass The Mic (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 5. Root Down (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 6. Shake Your Rump (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 7. Alive (Mash-Up)
 8. Triple Trouble (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 9. Sure Shot (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 10. In a World Gone Mad (Cheap Cologne Remix)
 11. Right Here Now Now (Beastie Boys vs. Cheap Cologne)
Notes: Limited to 200 Copies.
All beats produced by Cheap Cologne except those listed as "Mash-Ups".
This batch of 200 copies contain a hidden track at the end of the CD which was not included on the original run of 100 copies.