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Bastard Busters 12" : JP [HSRBB003-LP] (Bootleg)
Information: Bastard Busters 12" : JP [HSRBB003-LP] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: 12" Vinyl Bootleg EP
Country: Japan
Catalogue No.: HSRBB003-LP
Year: 2004
Label: Hot Shot Records
 1. Intergalactic Busters (Beastie Boys vs. Ghostbusters vs. Wu-Tang Clan vs. KLF)
 2. Shake Your Music (Beastie Boys vs. M vs. Public Enemy vs. Ice-T)
 3. Ch-Check It of the Bay (Beastie Boys vs. Peggy Lee)
 4. Root You (Beastie Boys vs. Justin Timberlake)
 5. Intergalactic Dirty (Beastie Boys vs. Christina Aguilera)
 6. Ch-Check It Out (Old Skool Mix)
 7. Alive Judge (Beastie Boys vs. 10CC)
 8. Alive and Rubberband (Beastie Boys vs. the Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
 9. Alive (David X Mix)
 10. Alive (Grandmas Moustache Mix)
 11. Alive (Supergroovaliciousecho Mix)
Notes: Titled "Bastard Busters - Underground Remixes Part 3".
Comes in a stickered die-cut sleeve.