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Information: To The 5 Boroughs CD : US [CDP 7243 5 7834 0 7 IN] (Clean Edit)Media:
Format: CD in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: CDP 7243 5 7834 0 7 IN
Year: 2004
Label: EMI / Capitol Records

 1. Ch-Check It Out
 2. Right Right Now Now
 3. 3 the Hard Way
 4. Time to Build
 5. Rhyme The Rhyme Well
 6. Triple Trouble
 7. Hey Fuck You
 8. Oh Word?
 9. That's It That's All
 10. All Lifestyles
 11. Shazam!
 12. An Open Letter to NYC
 13. Crawlspace
 14. The Brouhaha
 15. We Got The

Notes: Includes the video-clip for 'Rhyme The Rhyme Well'.
This is the clean version with no explicit lyrics. Notice the "Clean Lyrics - Nothing Silly" printed on the bottom left-hand corner of the front sleeve. The offending sections have been scratched and mixed into the songs. The printed lyrics inside the sleeve has all explicit lyrics deleted as well.

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