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Information: To The 5 Boroughs 2LP : US [B0026992-01] (Reissue)Media:
Format: 2x 12" Vinyl Album in Gatefold Sleeve
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: B0026992-01
Year: 2017
Label: Capitol Records / Universal Music

 1. Ch-Check It Out
 2. Right Right Now Now
 3. 3 the Hard Way
 4. Time to Build
 5. Rhyme The Rhyme Well
 6. Triple Trouble
 7. Hey Fuck You
 8. Oh Word?
 9. That's It That's All
 10. All Lifestyles
 11. Shazam!
 12. An Open Letter to NYC
 13. Crawlspace
 14. The Brouhaha
 15. We Got The

Notes: Reissued in 2017.

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