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Information: Paul's Boutique Show Vinyl LP : US [S-22800 INST 976 A/B]Media:
Format: 12" Show Vinyl
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: S-22800 INST 976 A/B
Year: 1989

 1. Shake Your Rump (Instrumental)
 2. Johnny Ryall (Instrumental)
 3. Egg Man (Instrumental)
 4. High Plains Drifter (Instrumental)
 5. Time to Get Ill (Instrumental)
 6. The Sounds of Science (Instrumental)
 7. 3-Minute Rule (Instrumental)
 8. Hey Ladies (Instrumental)
 9. Hold It Now, Hit It (Instrumental)
 10. [See Below]

Notes: Used during "Paul's Boutique" era gigs.
The last track is not a Beastie Boys track, but is "Making Cash Money (Instrumental)" by Busy Bee.

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