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Information: Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : US [BB-SV-6] (#6)Media:
Format: 12" Show Vinyl
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: BB-SV-6
Year: 1998
 1. Super Disco Breakin' (Instrumental)
 2. The Move (Instrumental)
 3. Just a Test (Instrumental)
 4. Body Movin' (Instrumental)
 5. Putting Shame in Your Game (Instrumental)
 6. Intergalactic (Instrumental)
 7. Flowin' Prose (Instrumental)
 8. Three MC's and One DJ (Instrumental)
 9. Can't, Won't and Don't Stop (Instrumental)
 10. The Negotiation Limerick File (Instrumental)
 11. Electrify (Instrumental)
 12. Unite (Instrumental)
 13. [See Below]
Notes: Used for the "Hello Nasty" Tour, this show vinyl contains instrumentals and snippet sounds.
The vinyl labels are blank except for a small stamped "A" on one side.
Attached to the front of the sleeve is a fax sheet from Grand Royal Records listing the record information and (slightly incorrect) track details, dated the 10th of May 1998.
The last track contains miscellaneous beats.

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