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Information: Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : US [BB-SV-2] (#2)Media:
Format: 12" Show Vinyl
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: BB-SV-2
Year: 1998

 1. Shake Your Rump (Instrumental)
 2. Egg Man (Instrumental)
 3. Shadrach (Instrumental)
 4. Car Thief (Instrumental)
 5. Hello Brooklyn (Instrumental)
 6. A Year and a Day (Instrumental)
 7. The Sounds of Science (Instrumental)
 8. High Plains Drifter (Instrumental)
 9. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Instrumental)

Notes: Used for the "Hello Nasty" Tour.
Comes in a plain white sleeve with "JUNE 10 1998" and "BB-SV 2 A/B" stamped on it.
The vinyl labels are blank except for a small stamped "2A" on one side.
Attached to the front of the sleeve is a fax sheet from Grand Royal Records listing the record information and track details, dated the 4th of June 1998.
"Sounds Of Science" is listed as "Sounds Of Silence".

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