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Information: Paul's Boutique Instrumentals MC : UK (Promo)Media:
Format: Promo Cassette Album in Jewel Case
Country: England
Catalogue No.:
Year: 1992
Label: Capitol / Chop Em Out
 1. Shake Your Rump (Instrumental)
 2. Johnny Ryall (Instrumental)
 3. Egg Man (Instrumental)
 4. High Plains Drifter (Instrumental)
 5. The Sounds of Science (Instrumental)
 6. 3-Minute Rule (Instrumental)
 7. Hey Ladies (Instrumental)
 8. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Instrumental)
 9. Car Thief (Instrumental)
 10. What Comes Around (Instrumental)
 11. Shadrach (Instrumental)
 12. 59 Chrystie Street (Instrumental)
 13. Mike on the Mic (Instrumental)
Notes: Created on the 17th of July 1992 when Capitol were considering re-releasing Paul's Boutique with this Instrumental version as a double pack.
Limited to 10 copies.

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