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Information: Push The Button CD : UK [MW090CD] (Unreleased)Media:
Format: CD5 in Gatefold Card Sleeve
Country: England
Catalogue No.: MW090CD
Year: 1998
Label: MoWax

 1. Push the Button
 2. Too Like You
 3. Monkey Dot
 4. Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
 5. Poor Shakes
 6. Bossa Nova 101
 7. Rock in the Rain
 8. Crowns
 9. All the People
 10. Underneath It All
 11. I Don't Play Piano
 12. Destroyer
 13. Got My Hand in Your Head
 14. Trust
 16. Dha Teen Ta
 17. Alrighty
 18. Harmonics of Life

Notes: Original design for the sleeve which was scrapped before going into production.
Rumoured to be only 5 copies in existance.
The foldout hard sleeve design was subsequently used by another MoWax release: Psyence Fiction by UNKLE.

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