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Information: Change Is Coming LP : US [SG-00011] (Gold Vinyl)Media:
Format: 12" Gold Vinyl LP
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: SG-00011
Year: 2019

 1. Chocochip
 2. Information Contraband
 3. Caught without a Race
 4. Glitch in Da System
 5. Another Day to Love You
 6. Soul Drive Sixth Avenue
 7. People's Party (Red Alert)
 8. Love Undisputed
 9. Doo Doo Doo
 10. Use Your Head
 11. Pepe Y Irene
 12. Rain (NYC)

Notes: 200 copies were produced. 50 copies of the special "Coins and Bills" splatter vinyl (trans gold mixed with silver and green, which gives it a crazy wavy look) were randomly inserted into orders. There was an additional "Test Pressing Guessing Game" which gave purchasers an opportunity to win a free test pressing along with their order. Some of the standard Gold Vinyl copies included leftover labels put on backwards to save on waste.

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