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Information: From Crayons To Perfume (Vol 2) CDR : US [DMC 109] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CDR in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: DMC 109
Year: 2001
Label: DMC Records

 1. Soothe Yourself (Live)
 2. Ladyfingers (Kutmasta Kurt Guaranteed Every Time Remix)
 3. 69 Annee Erotique
 4. Naked Eye (Suntan Knee-Hi Mix - Instrumental)
 5. Under Your Skin (Bentley Rhythm Ace Rejig)
 6. Daddy
 7. Roses Faded
 8. Nervous Breakthrough (Anxious Mix)
 9. Bam-Bam (Live)
 10. Why Do I Lie? (Remix)
 11. City Song (Live)
 12. Deep Shag (Aqua-Magic Dub)
 13. Angel (Live)
 14. Naked Eye (Howie B)
 15. Here (Explosion Mix)
 16. Ladyfingers (Live)

Notes: Tracks 1 & 13 was recorded live at WHFS on the 22nd of December 1996.
Track 9 was recorded live at Hala Tivoli in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 26th of February 1995.
Track 11 was recorded live in 1995.
Track 16 is an Acoustic version recorded live at WBCN, Boston.

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