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Information: Interview Thing Lisbon! CDR : AU [PMCD] (Promo)Media:
Format: CDR Acetate in Jewel Case
Country: Australia
Catalogue No.: PMCD
Year: 1998

 1. [Interview]

Notes: Interview recorded in Lisbon.

The questions are listed on the inside of the front insert.
  • Can you describe the new album and how it differs from previous albums?
  • Describe the recording process and especially the vocals.
  • What is your songwriting process and how do you decide what gets put on the record?
  • Can you talk about all the guest appearances on the new record? How did you decide to work with these other artists?
  • How does Mix Master Mike fit in? What's it like working with a new DJ?
  • How did you get all the distorted vocals on the new record and can you talk about the recording of the slower songs on the albums and which band members sing which song?
  • What is your songwriting process?
  • Please talk about working with Mario Caldato. At what point does he enter the songwriting and recording process? What are his contributions?
  • Who leads the recording and/or songwriting process? How do your songs take shape?
  • How do you define the Beastie Boys' sound?
  • How do you decide which samples to use?
  • How do you decide where and how to use the samples or where you want to play live?
  • What kind of music have you been listening to lately and how does that influence your recordings?
  • How do you feel about the success of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts?
  • How did you learn about the situation in Tibet and become involved in trying to help them gain their freedom?
  • How did moving back to New York and recording this album there affect it as opposed to having stayed in Los Angeles?
  • Describe your early influences.
  • Describe the Beastie Boys of 1998 in comparison to your beginnings and how you've changed. Where did you meet and how did you begin the band?
  • What affected your transition from punk to hip hop?
  • Where do you see yourself going musically in the future? Any particular interests you want to pursue?

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