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Information: DJ Hurricane Show Vinyl LP : US [CANE-01] (October)Media:
Format: 12" Show Vinyl
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: CANE-01
Year: 1995
Label: Record Technology Incorporated

 1. Now You Do (Instrumental)
 2. Elbow Room (Instrumental)
 3. Can We Get Along (Instrumental)
 4. Feel the Blast (Instrumental)
 5. Pass Me the Gun (Instrumental)
 6. The Hurra
 7. Where's My Niggas At (Instrumental)
 8. What's Really Going On (Instrumental)
 9. Comin' Off (Instrumental)
 10. Get Blind (Instrumental)
 11. Pat Your Foot (Instrumental)

Notes: Comes in a plain white sleeve with "OCT 11 1994" and "CANE-01 A/B" stamped on it.

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