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Information: Hello Nasty CDR : UK (Acetate) ("23 April")Media:
Format: CDR Acetate in Jewel Case
Country: England
Catalogue No.:
Year: 1998
Label: Capitol Records
 1. Super Disco Breakin'
 2. The Move
 3. Remote Control
 4. Song for the Man
 5. Just a Test
 6. Body Movin'
 7. Intergalactic
 8. Sneakin' Out the Hospital
 9. Putting Shame in Your Game
 10. Flowin' Prose
 11. And Me
 12. Three MC's and One DJ
 13. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')
 14. Song for Junior
 15. I Don't Know
 16. The Negotiation Limerick File
 17. Electrify
 18. Picture This
 19. Unite
 20. Dedication
 21. Dr. Lee PhD
 22. Instant Death
Notes: Comes with no front or back inserts.
It has "Not Final Album", "April 23, 1998" and the name "Chris Windle" (who was EMI Recorded Music's senior vice president at the time) printed on the gold CD.

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