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Information: Proud To Be LP : US [86453-1] (Green Vinyl) (20th Anniversary Reissue)Media:
Format: 12" Green Vinyl Album
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: 86453-1
Year: 2015
Label: Epitaph

 1. Proud to Be DFL
 2. Word of Mouth
 3. Lost Cause
 4. Return of the Knucklehead
 5. Mr. Popular
 6. Function at the Center
 7. Home Is Where the Heart Is
 8. Hit the Floor
 9. Club Stupid
 10. Minus Adam
 11. Better Off Dead
 12. S.B.C.G.
 13. Free Haircut
 14. Society's Pressure
 15. Self Pity
 16. Action Everybody
 17. Sour Puss
 18. Insane Authority
 19. Good Cop, Bad Cop
 20. What's the Difference

Notes: Contains a download card for two tracks originally released on a 7" Flexi-Disc contained in a 1995 issue of Strength Magazine. The tracks are "Decision" and "Follow The Leader".

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