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Information: Grateful CD : JP [ESCA 6682] (Promo)Media:
Format: Promo CD5 in Jewel Case
Country: Japan
Catalogue No.: ESCA 6682
Year: 1997
Label: Epitah

 1. We Are the Dead
 2. 300lb Mushroom
 3. Leave Me Alone
 4. The Grateful Song
 5. Prove Me Wrong
 6. Live 4 Today
 7. Short Breath
 8. Retribution
 9. It's All (In Your Head)
 10. Four + Twenty
 11. You Can't Make Me
 12. Help Wanted
 13. Ought...To Be a Law
 14. Fourteen Acre Mosh
 15. Cameltoe
 16. Powerless
 17. Autumns Fall

Notes: The only differences between this and the standard version is the sticker attached to the back and the inner hub of the CD has "Sample" printed on it.

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