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Information: We Salute You CD : UK [ML 067] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CD5 Bootleg in Jewel Case
Country: England
Catalogue No.: ML 067
Year: 1999
Label: ML Recordings

 1. [See Below]
 2. Pass the Mic (Pt.2, Skills to Pay the Bills)
 3. The Vibes
 4. Dope Little Song
 5. Too Many Rappers (Clean)
 6. Alive (Remix by Evidence for the Dilated Peoples)
 7. Spam
 8. Honky Rink
 9. Four Fly Guys
 10. Root Down (PP Balloon Mix Clean)
 11. Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
 12. Caught in the Middle of a 3-Way Mix
 13. Beastie Revolution
 14. Dub the Mic (Instrumental)

Notes: Track 1 is an intro of Beastie Boys' samples mixed together. The tracks are connected with other samples to play like a mix-tape, but there are no original remixes on this release.

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