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Information: Doublecheck Your Head 12" : [BEASTDCYH01] (Bootleg) (Clear Vinyl)Media:
Format: 12" Clear Vinyl Bootleg EP
Catalogue No.: BEASTDCYH01
Year: 2011

 1. 3's What'cha Want (In 3's x So What'cha Want)
 2. Pass the Gratitude (Pass the Mic x Gratitude)
 3. Booty Groove (Groove Holmes x Professor Booty)
 4. Jimmy Namaste (Namaste x Jimmy James)
 5. Maestro's Got to Give (Something's Got to Give x The Maestro)
 6. Skills to Lighten Up (Lighten Up x Skills to Pay the Bills)
 7. Too Many Rappers (Max Tannone Remix)

Notes: Comes in a plain die-cut sleeve.
Mixed by, but not realeased by Max Tannone. These were bootlegged from his MP3 release.

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